Miami Children's Hospital VACC Camp
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Camper Application

Requirements to participate in camp: Please read letter

All camper applications are due by NOVEMBER 30TH - NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Campers must be cognitive and have some means of communication with others.
  • Campers must have a trache and/or be vent dependent, c-pap or bi-pap, and/or oxygen dependent.
  • Age for overnight camper (or their siblings) 4 years to 21 years by camp dates.
  • Age for day campers (or their siblings) 3 years to 21 years by camp dates.

Shake-A-Leg Consent Form (We need one PER person attending camp)

Sleepover Camper Application

Day Camper Application

Companion Application (This is for a nurse companion)

If you have any questions, or for more information, please contact:

VACC program coordinator:
Bela Florentin
phone: 305-662-8222