dR. mOISES SIMPSER vACC cAMP, An Exceptional Volunteer Opportunity

Nicklaus Children's Hospital, welcomes community volunteers' participation in its annual Dr. Moises Simpser VACC Camp session.

Dr. Moises Simpser VACC Camp is a free, week-long, community-based camp program providing recreation and social support for families with children dependent on oxygen, tracheostomies and/or ventilators. Several families from up-state and from out-of-state sleep over every year. Many local families participate as day campers each year.

The ventilation assisted children served are medically stable, cognitively normal, living at home, and many attending public school. But their opportunities for recreation and socializing are limited compared to children unencumbered by dependency on medical technology.

Dr. Moises Simpser VACC Camp supports the transition to home care by focusing on wellness rather than illness. Families experience a revitalizing sense of normalcy and community, freedom, capacity and acceptance. Rx: Hometown Hospitality.

Our campsite is the Leisure Access at A.D. Barnes Park, S.W. 72nd Avenue, just north of Bird Road. Dr. Moises Simpser VACC Camp takes place every year during public school's spring break.


  • Set-up volunteers (8:30 a.m. - finish) - Before Dr. Moises Simpser VACC Camp starts, these volunteers ready the camp for occupancy, cleaning, making beds, stocking the refrigerators, storing other supplies, and decorating with welcome signs and balloons.
  • Break-down volunteers (7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.). Once camps is over, these volunteers help staff pack, pick up & return supplies and equipment to storage.
  • Camp Volunteers (all hours from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.). - During the camp session, volunteers are needed . They are needed to be our camper’s companions on a daily basis, to help with meal preparation, serving and cleaning, keeping the campsite tidy, picking up supplies and donations, and generally standing by to help wherever an extra hand is needed.
  • Special volunteers are also needed to facilitate special activities - swim sessions, the beach field trip, the night of parents' dinner out, or carnival night.

If you're interested and have some time to give, there's a place for you at Dr. Moises Simpser VACC Camp.

Camp Schedule

2024 VACC Camp will be held March 22-29th

This is a sample of the planned activities and schedule at Camp.


Volunteer Application


ALL documents requested should be in our office by AUGUST 30th for veteran volunteers and by OCTOBER 30th for new volunteers to be able to be considered as potential volunteers for the next camp session.


Volunteer Guidelines


*NEW* Teenage Volunteers can only be full time, and would have to be full time for 1 year before they can be part timers. Volunteers can start by age 15 or by age 14 as long as they are freshmen in school.


Volunteer Meetings

All meetings are mandatory for new applicants and team leaders!

We know that volunteers may be involved in extra-curricular activities, sports, club or other social events; however, we need your full attention and commitment for you to be effective. Click to view the meeting schedule.