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Anthony Camejo

Operational Staff

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. My family comes from Spanish descent. I am the youngest of three siblings who were given the opportunity, by our parents, to receive upper level education.

I graduated from G Holmes Braddock Senior High in 2008. I attended Florida International University and received two minors in Biology and Chemistry. I continued my education in Nursing at Florida Keys Community College. I am currently attending Miami Dade College.

I am currently employed at Baptist Health of South Florida as a Healthcare Administrator. My eight years working in Urgent Care have taught me the skills needed for leadership and for connecting with patients in an emotional level.

I first participated at VACC Camp in 2008 as a volunteer in need of community service hours. After the bonds created that first week, my life and reason for participating in camp were never the same. I continued to volunteer, meeting new campers and volunteers sharing my same ideals. Eventually, I was given the privilege of sharing my knowledge to new volunteers as a Team Leader. My time as a Team Leader helped me refine my leadership skills and be able to teach a new generation of volunteers and campers the significance and enjoyment of being part of this one-of-a-kind camp.  

I am currently an Operations Staff Member along with three other individuals, each imbuing a piece of their experience and knowledge to Team Leaders, volunteers and campers. I hope that my time at VACC Camp will never end and that I will be able to meet more extraordinary people, like Dr. Moises Simpser, along the way.