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Iris Cicero & John Rogers

Gourmet Breakfast Queen and The Sausage Man

Children have always been a focus in my life. I began volunteering in college. My first experience was tutoring inner city children. My second experience was helping at a center for mentally challenged children. I married and began raising my three step children ages three, eleven and thirteen. Today they are all successful parents and I am now the proud “Glammie” of six grand children.

Five years ago, I was contacted by Dr. Moises Simpser, founder of VACC CAMP. He was in need of someone to fill in for his long time “Breakfast Cook”, recently retired. All I had to do was come in every morning for one week and cook breakfast for the staff, volunteers and campers. How hard could that be? I called my good buddy, John Rogers and told him I was going to make him a STAR FOR A WEEK! We committed to come in for this ONE week and help Dr. Simpser out. John became known and loved as “THE SAUSAGE MAN”. Everyone stood in line waiting for his sausages! And guess what, we have been back every year since.

Our one week experience cooking and observing an incredible dedicated group of volunteers providing what we all term normal camp activities (swimming, sailing, dancing) to children who spend 24 hours a day in wheel chairs attached to their ventilator, was amazing!

Happiness is seeing a child smile, flourish, succeed and know you made a difference.