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Ivette Hidalgo, PhD, APRN

Volunteer Nurse, previous Clinical Coordinator

I was born in Oriente, Cuba. At the age of four my parents decided to move to Venezuela searching for freedom. I lived in Venezuela for four years and at the age of eight I moved to the United States.

I graduated from High School and went to University of Florida. I wanted to become a doctor so I enrolled in the pre-med program. I obtained my associates in Arts and Sciences from the university and I decided that I did not want to attend medical school.

I moved back to Miami. I was undecided and unsure of what I wanted to study. I volunteered in the summer in West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital hoping to find my niche. I worked closely with the nurses in the unit tending to the sick which were mostly older patients. I felt that I had found my passion and I decided that I wanted to become a nurse. I obtained my Associate’s in nursing from Miami Dade Community College.

I worked as a floor nurse in the neurology department in Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for 6 months. I got married with my soul mate Amaury Hidalgo. I then worked in the respiratory unit. I decided that I wanted to further my education. I obtained a Bachelor’s degree with honors in nursing from Florida International University.

I did clinical hours in pulmonology with Rosa Roche ARNP and Dr. Simpser. I fell in love with the role that a nurse practitioner has in the lives of children with chronic illnesses. I enrolled in the pediatric nurse practitioner program in Florida International University.

At this time I was offered a job in pulmonology while I was completing my Master’s Degree. My mentor and my friend Rosa Roche was always by my side guiding me and teaching me. Dr. Simpser, Dr. Rodriguez, Dr. Diaz, and Dr. Franco were very supportive always. I completed my Master’s Degree with honors and shortly after I became pregnant. I now have a 2 year old daughter which is the light of my eyes.

VACC Camp breaks the mold for these children. It provides them with a melting pot of activities were limitations are few but possibilities are endless. It opens new horizons of hope and opportunity and it invites them to plunge into a world they never thought existed.

In my eyes camp is an overwhelming rollercoaster ride filled with thrills, adventure, unlimited fun, hopes and dreams. I can say that I truly love what I do. Being able to help patients with chronic illnesses and their families is a true blessing for me.