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Michael Miehl

Volunteer Operational Staff

I was born in New York and moved to Miami in 1981. I am self-employed, with a wireless internet service company, so I have a pretty flexible schedule. I have always been appreciative of the blessings that have come my way, and have felt the need to give back to my community. I started volunteering coaching basketball, which is my passion, at my daughter's school. I have volunteered at the HCC, teaching the game of basketball to kids with Down Syndrome. I have mentored children at our local Recreation Center and at our church. I have been actively involved in fundraising and organizing staff and events.

I first saw the logo of VACC camp on a T-shirt and found it interesting. I asked my wife about it and she suggested that I look into volunteering at the camp, she told me about the wonderful service it provides to not only the kids, but the families as well. I have always belived that if you can impact one childs' life for the better you will have accomplished much in your life.

I had the opportunity to meet and volunteer alongside Dr. Simpser at the Michael Fux Holiday Event at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, and I was so impressed with his humanity and the work that he does through VACC camp, that I offered my time to the camp.

The first year I volunteered, I was "blown away" with the enthusiam of the teen volunteers, giving up their time to help the families and children. I was humbled by the work that the medical staff provides and felt that I could contribute not only my time, but also my business experience to help in the future of this camp.

I now look forward to being an active member of this wonderful group of people that make up VACC camp year after year.