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Monica McConaughy Stouffer, RN

Volunteer Nurse and more!

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Yes, I am a true native! I love living in Miami and have decided not to leave, at least for the time being.

I graduated High School in 1984. I immediately went to College after graduation with the intentions of becoming a pediatrician but due to a nasty virus my plans were put on hold. I was diagnosed with Guillian-Berré Syndrome in October 1984. I was admitted to Nicklaus Children's Hospital. Due to total paralysis, I required a tracheostomy and was put on a ventilator. I had the BEST doctors (Dr. Simpser...) and nurses in town. I had a strong family support system not to mention a strong will.

I left the hospital five months later with the hopes of returning to College. I did return to College but I decided to change my major...I went into nursing. Upon completion of nursing school, I returned to Nicklaus Children's Hospital and worked on the same floor that I was a patient on. It was my way of giving a little bit back of what I received.

I use my personal experience in my everyday practice as being a nurse. I do believe it has made me a better nurse!

I became involved in VACC Camp 19 years ago. My first year with camp, I accompanied a patient. It was that very instant that I fell in love with the camp, the concept, the volunteers, and the campers and from that moment on I became a veteran volunteer.

Over the years my involvement has become more entailed. I am involved with helping to organize the high school volunteers and to organize their duties. I truly enjoy working with these fine young individuals. I admire their strength. devotion and dedication.

My companies, Alliance Homecare Systems, Inc. and RN Consulting donate money and medical supplies to help support the camp.

I have been personally blessed with four BEAUTIFUL children! Two girls and two boys! Gabrielle, Brysson, Cassidy and Coltton. They love coming to camp and truly enjoy spending time with all of their pals. My husband, Jeff, is supportive of my involvement with VACC. He knows that when camp is here, he can expect not to see me for the entire week...

I look forward to VACC Camp every year. I receive great pleasure from working with the campers, their families, the volunteers, and the medical staff. I am truly sad each time we have to say good-bye but I always know that there is next year.

There is nothing more exciting than to see a child and their family achieve a goal that they never thought they would accomplish and this is all possible with VACC Camp!